Profile Settings

Profile settings can manage both how you appear on and how behaves for you. Settings can be managed at

General account information

Your account name and profile description can be updated in the top portion of the page. Note that when you change your name, your profile URL will also change.

Email settings

These are your settings for the various emails we might send. Pro tip: Sunday Review emails are fun, and they get better the more you use

Display settings

You can change your theme and settings here. Setting your theme to "System" will have it adapt to your local system preferences.

Visibility settings

Setting your default landing page controls what page you land on when you visit (or click on "" in the main breadcrumb). You can set this to Feed, Profile, Explore or Custom. To set a custom path, head to a page on and copy and paste everything in the URL after "".

NSFW content is permitted on, but we ask our members to mark their own content accordingly (see

You can also control whether or not your content is indexable by external search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)


Last, you can find your perks (related to your premium tier) at the bottom of the settings page. Your invite to the discord is here as well.

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