Working with collaborators in groups

A group on is a kind of shared collaborative identity. If you find yourself working collaborating with the same people on more than one channel, chances are it's time to make a group.

Group visibility

A group's visibility is determined by the channels it owns. If all the channels owned by a group are private, the group will remain private. Once the group has a public channel, its profile is visible by anyone outside the group.

Creating a group

To create a group, open the main dropdown in the top right of the screen, scroll down to "Your Groups" and click "Create a Group". From here you can set the name and description of a group, and add members

Adding members

You can add contacts to the group under the members section of the group header by pressing the "Add Member" button.

Creating channels in your group

To create a new channel with your group as the author, click the "+ New Channel" button and use the author dropdown to select your group.

Re-assigning a channel author to a group

You can also reassign existing channels to your group by opening channel settings and using the "Author" dropdown to assign the channel to your group.

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