Adding blocks

Adding content to

There are many ways to get content into Let's look a few of the ways below.

Dragging files into a channel

You can select files from your computer and drag them straight into a channel.

Pasting text

You can also paste text directly into the "Add Block" prompt at the top left of your channel. We support Markdown for formatting.

Pasting a URL

If you paste a URL to an image, a webpage, a YouTube link, a Vimeo, a Soundcloud, etc, we will automatically figure out what to do with it.

Formatting text

We support markdown to format text in text blocks. See the cheatsheet below, but there is a little inline cheatsheet on if you click the "FORMATTING" button.

*italic* or _italic_

**bold** or __bold__

**bold and _italic_**

Horizontal rule

~~strike this~~


Ordered list
1. List item

Unordered list
- List item

[link text](link URL)

Inline code

Multiline code
```multiline code```

> I'm a quote

# h1 
## h2 
### h3 
#### h4 

Using the browser extension

We have browser extensions for Chrome (and any Chrome-like browser), Firefox, and Safari. This is the best way to save content while you're browsing the Internet. See Browser extension.


Image uploads are limited to 50MB and video files are limited to 250MB.

Content guidelines

For questions about what content is acceptable on, please see our community guidelines.

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