Browser extension

Saving content to while browsing the web

The easiest way to save content while you're browsing the internet is with our browser extension.

Let's look at a few ways you can use the browser extension to add content to

To save a whole page as a link, open the extension by clicking the icon, select the channel by chosing from your recent channels, and click "Save to Channel"

Saving a link to with the browser extension

Saving a selection of text from a webpage

To save a quote from a webpage, highlight the text that you wish to save, right-click on it, and click "Add to". From there you can select your channel you wish to save the text to and click "Save. Note: the source of the webpage will be saved along with your text so you can always go back and find the original source.

Saving text from a webpage with the browser extension

Saving an image from a webpage

Similar to saving text from a webpage, to save an image simply right-click on the image, and click "Add to". From there you can select your channel and press "Save to Channel". Note that the title and url of the webpage will be stored alongside the image so you can find the original source if you need to.

Saving an image from a website using the browser extension

Editing title and description before you save

If you're like us and are serious about your metadata hygiene, you might want fine-grained control over the title and description of your blocks. To edit the title and description, hover over the block preview at the top of the extension, and click "Edit". Once you're done, don't forget to press "Save".

Editing the title of a block in the browser extension

Starting a new private channel within the extension

You can also create a new channel on the go with the extension. To make a new channel to save to, type the name of the channel in the search bar, and select "New private channel [your channel name]" from the results and then press "Save".

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