Collections of content on

A channel is a collection of content on, made up of both Blocks and other channels.

What a channel becomes is up to you and whoever you share it with. It can be a reading list, an archive of research, a brainstorming canvas, or a collection of ongoing research. It can also be a mindmeld between collaborators, a private headspace for your thoughts, or a poem.

There's no wrong way to use a channel (or

Organizing blocks in a channel

You can change the order of the contents of a channel by dragging from the top left corner of a block or channel.

Channel ownership

Channels can be owned by individuals and by groups. If a channel is owned by a group, anyone in the group can add to the channel.

Channels can also have any number of collaborators you invite. Collaborators have access to view, add and remove content from the channel, but cannot change channel settings.

Adding collaborators

You can add collaboarators to a channel by clicking the "Add collaborator" button in the top section of the channel. Once you're there, you can search for the person to add to your channel by name or by email.

Channel visibility

Channels have privacy settings that determine who can view or add to them. You can choose the privacy setting when you create a channel.

Open Channels

Open channels are channels that anyone on can view and add to. If your channel is something that you'd welcome other people to contribute to, keep the channel open.

For example, some popular open channels:

Closed Channels

Closed channels can be seen by everyone, but can only be edited by you and by any invited collaborators.

Private Channels

Private channels can only be seen or edited by you and by invited collaborators.

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