Settings and export

Managing metadata and other tools

Go to the channel page and click on the "More" dropdown and click "Edit channel". Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + E

Updating channel title and description

In the edit window you can edit the channel title and description. The channel description will be displayed in the "Info" section right underneath the channel breadcrumb.

Note that updating the title of a channel will also update its URL.

Updating the channel author

If you belong to any groups, you can set the channel author to your group. Note that this will update the URL of your channel.

Updating NSFW settings

Keep in mind that many people use in educational and work settings. If your channel content contains anything that might be considered NSFW, please mark it accordingly. For more info on acceptable content, see our Community Guidelines.

Exporting your channel

To export the contents of your channel, open the "Edit Channel" window and then open the "Export" section. Here you can pick between ZIP, PDF, and HTML exports. Note that a ZIP export will include a CSV file of the data for all the blocks (and channels) inside your channel.

Transferring channel ownership

If you'd like to transfer ownership to another person on, you can initiate a channel transfer in the "Transfer ownership" section of the edit channel window. This will send a system email to the person with links to accept (or cancel) a channel transfer.

Deleting a channel

If you'd like to delete a channel entirely, you can open the "Edit channel" window and then open the "Delete channel" section.

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