Linking collections of material

Connections are what join channels and blocks to each other.

On, there is no such thing as a "like" or a "favorite", instead we have connections.

When you're traversing and you find something that would fit into one of your channels, hit "Connect".

Connecting blocks

Connecting channels

You can also connect channels to other channels. To do this, use the "Connect" button on a channel thumbnail (the square icon that you see in a grid) or in the "This channel appears in" section of the channel header.

Traversing connections

Navigating across and finding content that is interesting to you is all about traversing connections. Hovering connections brings up a mini-preview of the channel, which can help you decide whether or not you want to go down a path. Use your intuition and let it lead you! After all, every connection was made by a human, connections are paths we lay out for each other.

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